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You are in the right page in here, based on what your skill is I would suggest picking a metal detector from my list. You can start with either a beginner or mid-level metal detector. Hi everyone I use a Garrett ace 300i with the nel tornado coil never used any other detector so I Carnt say about others but this setup is very good I think I’ve had Charles the 1st halfcrown my 1st Roman coin was silver I had a jews harp the other day nice simple detector easy to use and I’ve had objects 20cm plus with it I love it….

For that, you’ll probably want to buy a pulse induction detector – especially for areas with heavy mineralization (although the GB2 has 3 settings for mineralization). As with all the VLF detectors on this list, the Gold Bug 2 isn’t effective at searching for deeper targets. By reviewing your skill level, budget, and precise metal detecting needs, you can choose one that will make metal detecting fun and easy. Generally speaking, the smaller the object the harder it is for a metal detector to detect it. If you are a novice, for example, you may find it better to select a metal detector like the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver or Fisher F22, which come with easy-to-read gauges that make learning the hobby easier and more enjoyable. However, the most basic metal detector utilizes an oscillator that creates a current that travels through the detector’s coil, which in turn creates an alternating magnetic field.

EASY TO USE for all ages, sizes and skill levels from beginner to advanced. The LCD display is extremely easy to understand, making it especially good for children and beginners. Just unfold the detector and fold it back up again when you’re done.

If you are new to the metal detecting world and want to start off and save some money, then you may be better off purchasing a more budget friendly model.  No matter what your budget is, just make sure the detector that you pick fits all of your metal detecting needs. If metal detecting is something you plan on spending a decent amount of time doing then maybe purchasing a higher end model is for you. Someone new to metal detecting may not need one with a lot more features whereas the seasoned detector will want something more versatile with more features. What makes metal detecting great is no matter what age you are you can learn how to metal detect.

The double d coil offers quality depth and deals well with mineralization in the soil. When you run into this problem, you reduce the sensitivity and lose the gained depth anyway.

It works pretty well and has the ability to detect pretty much all types of metals. While we have provided some of the best detectors for finding treasure, you should still conduct your own research.

The stem can extend from 41 to 47 inches, so this would be a good family detector, which can have the height adjusted depending on which family member is using it. It detects metal at a rate similar to that of detectors that run into thousands of dollars at a fraction of the price. The way the detector can be disassembled into three parts for travel or storage is also a handy feature. Users of this device are impressed with the quality of the build and the simple design.

Gold nuggets and gold coins require metal detectors that operate at a higher frequency. Those of you who are looking for some exercise along with treasure hunting adventure would want to go for high precision all-purpose metal detectors. Simply put, you need to define your interests before choosing the best metal detector. The best metal detector can help you find the greatest treasures including coins and precious metals. Finding the best metal detector can get tricky if you have no idea where to start.

Whites MX Sport is an all-purpose, waterproof metal detector with a DD search coil. The best choice of metal detector for the beach is either a waterproof pulse induction or a very low frequency (VLF) detector. The Fisher F75 Metal Detector is a great piece of kit that’s spot-on for relic hunting with its pre-set programs, simple mode choices and fast grab ground mineralization.

It comes with a handle that guarantees the users comfort throughout the search. It is child sized and can detect coin-sized objects that are 5 inches deep while that large objects that are 3 feet deep.

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

The control interface allows you to quickly move between modes while eliminating unwanted targets with discrimination control, maximizing your detection depth with the power/sensitivity control. A built-in Automatic Ground Trac provides balance when detecting minerals, plus it can detect metals in harsh ground conditions from inland sites that are highly mineralized to salty wet beaches without any loss of sensitivity or the need to make circuitry changes by the operator. With a streamlined appearance, the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV has removed the hardest part of operating a metal detector by featuring a mode selection switch and only two operating controls.